Ayurvedic medicine draws patients’ attention

Bejhad, July 1 – Harikala Regmi, a dweller of Rampur municipality-5, Materi spent big amount of money for medicines. She has long been suffering from gastric, stomach pain and loss of appetite for food.  She frequently approached private medical hospital for her proper treatment. She spent huge chunk of money for treatment. However, she did not get respite from the health complication.  “Health problem was not resolved from the medicines. The complication is even more with medicines”, she added.  Later she started taking Ayurvedic medicines.

“With this I am feeling better. I am physical fit and mentally sound now”, Regmi added.  The Ayurvedic clinic is seen with huge flow of people for service. Patients with gastric, stomach complication and loss for appetite,  Daily 20-25 patients are receiving treatment at Rampur Ayuvedic Hospital, shared Cheman Prekash Poklharel, senior Ayurvedic medical person, Around 350 patients are receiving service from here in a month, he added.  Different 23 medicines out of 95 Nepal government-prescribed Ayurvedic drugs are available here. (RSS)

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